Our Story

Joseph Meyer, my father and founder of the Bom Retiro Estate, left his business in Brussels (Belgium) to me at an early age. Being attracted to Portugal and in particular to its nature, its friendly people and very mild climate, he and my mother, Jeanne Vrydags, moved to Portimao.

My father was an ‘outdoor’ kind of man and one of his dreams was to live as close as possible to nature. He cultivated various crops, not only at the Bom Retiro Estate but also on his other properties.

Unfortunately, he had to continue this dream without my mother as she passed away at the age of 55.

During the holidays which we spent as a family at the Bom Retiro Estate, my father always told us how important it was to eat healthy meals, preferably prepared with home-grown products from your own cultivated land. Being a passionate hunter and fisherman as well, his days always seemed to be too short.

My father passed away at the age of 91. After the mourning process, the family decided to continue his legacy and to expand the Bom Retiro Estate. Thus, it has become a high comfort holiday cottage for our family and/or other guests, in which one can admire the beautiful landscape in a unique setting, enjoy the home-grown products as well as all the other simple things in life… and all of this in a relaxing family atmosphere.

“Holidays with Soul”

Belgium 31/12/2012
Maurice Meyer

Bom Retiro